My boring day job improved my writing. Here’s how.

In four years of typing the words that people said aloud, what I learned was this: people don’t speak in full sentences with perfect grammar. They don’t even think in full sentences while they’re saying them. The skill of a good transcriber is to take these sentence fragments — the repetitions, hesitations, lost and resumed trains of thought — and to make them scan.

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5 Email Newsletters To Make You Smarter

1. Atlas Obscura

The site describes itself as the “definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world’s most wondrous places” and promises travel tips, but the newsletter skews more towards “articles, strange facts and unique events.”
The last edition I received from them (they’re daily) included posts such as ‘The Old Man Who Claimed To Be Billy The Kid’, ‘The Victorian Teenage Girl Who Entertained Crowds By Overpowering Men’ and ‘Why Japan’s Rail Workers Can’t Stop Pointing At Things’, which still has me thinking.

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How I Work: The Freelancer

My name is Natalie. I’m 28, a freelance copywriter, copy editor and journalist, and I live in Dublin, Ireland.

Most of my work is done on an iMac that my partner managed to blag from her old workplace when they upgraded all the machines. I think it’s from 2009.

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