The Ui Cadhain Prize

Winter 2016-17


Created a website in Squarespace to support and provide information for the young people's journalism competition I launched in late 2016.

Authored all promotional and instructional copy, including instructions, FAQs, T&Cs, resources for parents and teachers, news and updates, designed flyers and newsletter campaigns, and collected tips from working Irish journalists to house within a resource area on the site.


Top prize: Ivan Budanov - 'Knock! Knock! Commotion In Charlotte Quay Dock'

Best writing: Mark Harmon - 'ODG & ME'

Best idea: Robyn Tuohy - 'Why are burglaries on the increase in Dublin?'

You can read the winning entries by clicking on their titles, which will take you to the Dublin Inquirer website; alternatively, these will be published in the May edition of the Dublin Inquirer, which hits news stands on May 15th. Find out more about where to pick up a copy here.